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Business loan – without hidden fees & charges.

Forget hidden charges and opening fees. With CrediNord you can get up to 100.000 € in business financing with only a fixed monthly fee. By applying now, you’ll quickly find out your terms and quota.

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About the business loan.

Our loans are always priced case by case. The lower the calculated risk – the cheaper the price. No matter the price, we always only charge a fixed monthly fee.

  • Business financing from 1.000 to 100.000 €
  • Fixed monthly fee – no opening charges, account management fees or hidden fees
  • Pay back anytime – without penalty fees

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Why CrediNord?

CrediNord was founded as the result of the Nordic corporate world urgently needing some agility in the stiff finance sector. Applying for a loan was a slow and cumbersome process. Instead of concentrating on customers, the banks and finance companies were mostly concerned about their own needs.

We decided to do it another way, from the customer’s perspective. Having built this company ourselves from the ground up, we perfectly understand entrepreneurs. We know the challenges and recognize the potential. Whether it’s about developing your activity or covering unexpected needs, we are here to help you.

How it works.

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Ask for a free loan offer—filling in the application takes just one minute.

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You’ll get the loan offer by email within one hour (Mon.–Fri., 9 a.m.–5 p.m. GMT+3).

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Once you’ve signed the loan agreement, the money can be moved to your bank account even on the same day.

CrediNord FAQ

Most frequent questions.

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What kind of companies get business loans from CrediNord?

Answer: Our typical clients are limited liability companies with a turnover of 100.000 – 2.000.000 €. However, we offer financing to companies with a turnover over 50.000 €.

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Do I commit to anything by applying for a business loan?

Answer: The application does not bind you to anything. By applying, you’ll find out how big of a loan your applicable for as well as to what price.

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How much does the business loan cost?

Answer: Our business loans are always priced case by case. Your price is calculated based on risk. The lower the perceived risk, the lower the price.

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If I pay back the loan ahead of time, do I get spared of fees?

Answer: Yes. If you pay back your loan ahead of time you will get spared of the remaining fees. You only pay for the months you use the loan.

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What are CrediNord’s customers saying?

They kept us up to date on how things work. And everything worked perfectly. I got the offer on the same day, and on the following day the money was in my bank account. So nothing to complain about!
CrediNord Blog

CrediNord’s blog for entrepreneurs.

In addition to offering loans, we also like to help our customers by providing them valuable information and tips free of charge that can facilitate an entrepreneur’s life. In our blog, we discuss various subjects related to business activity, ranging from finance to marketing.